Monday, September 12, 2005

Water as medicine

Dr. K.Rohiniprasad

Water makes up most of our blood, brain, muscles and even bones. Water removes dangerous toxins and other wastes from the kidneys, lubricates our joints and regulates body temperature. It carries oxygen and nutrients into all our cells. The quality and quantity of cellular water determines the health of the cells and the body. To keep the metabolism working properly some level of water needs to be maintained in our bodies.

Water therapy requires drinking 1.25 to 1.5 litres of water early in the morning on an empty stomach before brushing teeth. The entire quantity of water should be drunk within 5 to 10 minutes. Nothing should be eaten or drunk for about an hour afterwards. One can initially start with 2 glasses of water then increase it to 4 glasses. It is reported that water therapy tends to reduce the bad effects of diabetes, hypertension, asthma, pain in the joints, heart problems, urinary troubles, uterus cancer, piles, stomach problems, bile, cough, old age problems like wrinkles, pimples, paralysis, bronchitis, asthma, leucorrhoea, acidity, swelling, fever, headache, anaemia, obesity, tuberculosis, liver ailments, irregularity in menstrual cycle, gas problems, constipation and so on.

Water therapy renders the colon more effective by forming new blood. The mucous folds of the colon & intestines are activated by this method. As the colon is cleansed the nutrients are better absorbed. The therapeutic effects are attributed to the fact that the pressure of water grips the intestines and activates them. Due to the sudden water-pressure, the bits and particles of food that adhere to the walls of the intestines, along with gases and other undigested materials, disengage themselves from the intestinal walls, dissolve into the inflowing water and leave the body along with the same. This in turn, gives the intestinal cells a new lease of life. The insides of the body soak it up and every cell in the body gets affected by the water-intake. The free radicals and toxic elements adhering to the cells are literally flushed out from the cells and the body gets rid of these unwanted elements very easily. This sort of cleansing is good in the case of cancer and some metabolic disorders. Water is directly related to the kidneys and water therapy cures ailments of the urinary track very fast. It not only destroys the bacteria in the urinary track but there is also a chance of ridding the body of stones. The present writer and some friends have experienced several good effects of water therapy. Diabetics have been known to notice significant drops in blood sugar levels. It is claimed that symptoms of asthma and sinus problems decrease; arthritic pain lessens; digestion and bowel problems are alleviated and so on.

During the first few days one may suffer headache, body-ache, nausea or loose-motions as the body gets rid of toxic elements trapped in its cells. It is therefore suggested that the therapy be continued. However, kidney and heart-patients are advised to try it out only after procuring their physicians' permission and relevant guidance. In traditional Indian systems this therapy was known as usha paana chikitsa. The treatment will result in urinating 2 to 3 times within an hour.

The most important thing seems to be that this is a simple, natural and inexpensive treatment that can be tried out by anybody. If it provides relief, it would be very welcome because there would not be any side-effects.


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